Camp Rental Details


Thank you for considering the Woodlands for your group’s camp. The following information will aid you in reserving your camp and provide you with basic rental information. Complete written details and a contract will be sent to you following review of a reservation request.


rental charges

We offer facility rental fees for new groups or special events that include all utilities except firewood.  

Please email or call 707-937-5755 for current rates.


legacy groups

For our ongoing annual camps or Legacy Groups, any usage over the minimum is multiplied by the per person/per night rate and added to the camp’s rental charges. These rates do not include utilities or firewood.

The rental of a camp entitles your group to the exclusive use of that entire camp. Under special circumstances, day use may be available at one-half the per person/per night fee.

Per Person/Per Night Fees, minimum number of attendees required:
Camp One: $22.50
Camp Two: $20.00
Camp Three: $17.50


All utilities and services are metered or measured and their costs are charged in addition to your fee (this cost is the total of items 1 through 5 listed below). Your group will be charged only for what it consumes. Because usage varies widely from camp to camp, it is impossible to accurately estimate how much utilities and services will be. For your reference, though, an approximate average utility cost is about $2–$3 per person/per night.

The utilities and services are:
1. PG&E electricity,
2. Propane for kitchen stoves and all water heaters,
3. Garbage/trash removal, and
4. Kitchen Equipment—this includes all of the equipment (pots, pans, plates, bowls, glasses, utensils, etc.) normally needed to cook for and feed a group.

Note: Firewood is available for an extra fee.

other camp charges


1. Deposits: MWCA requires two deposits that must be submitted with your signed Reservation Confirmation and Use Contract: 1) a 25% Rental Deposit (25% of your Minimum Fee) and 2) a Security Deposit. These two deposits must be received by MWCA along with your signed contract before a confirmed reservation exists. The 25% Rental Deposit is nonrefundable and covers MWCA administrative overhead. Additionally, a 35% Rental Deposit is due 120 days prior to camp date.

2. Minimum Fee: MWCA requires the total Minimum Fee (see Rental Charges above) to be paid 60 days before your group enters camp.

3. Cleanup Deposit: MWCA requires a cleaning deposit to be paid prior to arrival at camp. Any credits will be applied to the Final Bill.

4. Final Bill: MWCA requires the Final Bill be paid in full after your group’s departure from camp.

payment schedule


If you terminate your Contract without using the facilities, you agree to pay the minimum fee to cover MWCA’s costs. However, your minimum fee, minus the initial 25% deposit, will be refunded if MWCA is notified of the termination in writing and we are able re-rent all of the facilities for the same period of time at substantially the same fee.

A request (which must be in writing) to decrease the number of days of camp use is considered a partial termination and will be treated pro rata according to the above terms and conditions.

cancellation policy


1. Dish soap and cleanser
2. Bleach and disinfectant
3. Sponges and pot scrubbers
4. Stove griddle cleaner
5. Rubber gloves
6. Axe for splitting wood
7. Brooms and mops
8. Dust pans
9. Plastic garbage bags
10. Toilet paper
11. Toilet plungers
12. Toilet bowl brushes
13. Paper towels for bathrooms and kitchen

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a Resource Guide of local businesses that may help you in planning your event. These are just some of the wonderful people in the Mendocino area that may be able to assist you. We have also included photos of the kitchens to aid in planning for your event.

supplies provided by the mwca


1. Knives for cooking
2. Pot holders
3. Aluminum foil
4. Clear plastic food wrap
5. Dish towels
6. First aid supplies
7. Flashlights—All campers should have one (no candles are allowed)
8. If desired, bring any electrical appliances such as food processors, blenders, slicers, etc., because MWCA does not supply these items.

suggested items you should bring


Your group is responsible for cleaning camp before your departure. A list of jobs and expectations will be given to you upon your arrival.

Your group is responsible for any and all damages caused. If MWCA spends any time cleaning your camp or repairing damages, an additional $95 per person/per work hour will be charged, with a minimum charge of $95.

security deposit & cleaning


Your group’s arrival time is no earlier than 2:00 P.M. Your group’s departure time is no later than 11:00 am. On arrival day, your Camp Director must check in at the MWCA office.

After you’ve chosen your camp and checked your preferred dates on the Calendar of Camps page, you can request your reservation.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you and your group to the Woodlands.

arrival & departure times